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Overview of Numerology

Modern numerology prefers simplified numerical and alphabetical codes based on theories developed by Pythagoras the great ancient Greek mathematician and mystic, whose glory was at its peak around 550 B.C. As we know, Pythagoras, along with his apprentices and followers, reduced all the numbers to the single digits 1 to 9 inclusive (since these are the initial numbers that comprise all of the others).

In numerology, every name is assigned its own number, which is obtained by means of translating the letters of the name into digits.

Various systems were developed for the purpose of reducing large numbers to elementary ones. The simplest and most popular method is summing up all the digits of the number and then, if the sum is equal to or larger than 10, add up its digits too. This process should be continued until the result is reduced to an elementary number from 1 to 9. (Note: Many people tend to think that the numbers 11 and 22 have special meanings of their own.)

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