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How to choose a name for a newborn baby?

One of the most important questions that parents face is: how should they choose a name for their baby? Thereís no other word in a language that can be compared to a name (in its influence upon a personís character and destiny) by the effect of its expression of feelings or by its frequency of use. Keeping this in mind, parents should choose a name for their baby with the utmost possible attention, carefulness and prudence.

By what should they be guided when choosing a name? A pleasurable sound? The memory of a friend? A wish to immortalize the name of a close relative? The latest fashion? What are the requirements of the name? What are the common criteria for all names?

Each of us has his or her own idea about beauty and we each have our own unique taste. You cannot be guided only by your own preference when choosing a name, however, for this name shall not be borne by you, and it will ultimately be judged by others.

The name must not be chosen at random. First of all, the name should not be too lengthy and complicated. It is better if it can be easily pronounced and remembered. A longer name is acceptable when it has several variants and allows for a familiar one. The name is bound to sound fine and to be refined in its form so that the person who bears it likes his or her name. Make sure to check that the name or combination of initials does not evoke unpleasant associations. A jawbreaker name, one that is difficult to pronounce, hampers communication, takes extra effort from the one who must address its bearer and makes its bearer feel awkward. The same rules can be applied to rarely used names. On the other hand, a rarely used name undoubtedly stands out in comparison to common, overused names. Finally, the first name should tone with the last name. Pronounce the full name several times and listen to how it sounds.

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